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The Better Part podcast is a place to connect in faith, community, friendships, life, and in fun! Each week I'll share time with a friend and invite you into our conversations. I hope that you'll be encouraged to find connection and community here with us and carry that into your places and spaces with your people too!
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Sep 23, 2016

Join me in a conversation with Kayla Funk, pediatric cancer survivor and founder of Open Hands Overflowing Hearts.  Kayla shares her story from diagnosis to taking action to fund pediatric cancer research through OHOH, her dedicated non-profit.  

Partner with me in raising $400 for Open Hands Overflowing Hearts to fund 1 full day of pediatric cancer research.  I have established a fundraiser trunkshow through my Noonday Collection site, here's the link:  Shop and proceeds from you order will go directly to this fundraiser! 

Find out more about Open Hands Overflowing Hearts online at

Dec 11, 2015

Katie Orr is an encouraging writer/blogger/speaker who has published inductive Bible studies for women that can be done in 15 minutes each day! Katie shares with us her passion for teach and equipping women to grow in faith and study God's word.  Join us for a conversation about calling & knowing God's Word and hiding it in our hearts!

Nov 20, 2015

In this episode Brandi & Shannon share their fair-trade & ethical shopping insights and resources.  Be sure to check their site out for more on fair trade fashion for you, the kids, and your home!

Oct 12, 2015

Episode 10 of The Better Part Podcast is with my new friend, Bethany Tran, founder of The Root Collective. 

Sep 28, 2015

In this episode I share my conversation with Bailey Heard. 

Sep 21, 2015

In this episode of The Better Part Jacey and I talk about balancing interests, money, podcasting, and more!

Aug 3, 2015

In this episode the kids take over the podcast...well, almost!  I said YES to letting them plan and produce a podcast and I'm so glad I did!  This is actually the very first podcast I ever recorded and created. I'm so glad the first was with my 2 younger boys, we made a memory! It was fun and a great learning opportunity.  I think once a month I'll do an episode with the boys. They really want their own show and I want that for them too! I hope you enjoy listening with your kids.